7 Tips To Make Your Home Beautiful For Ramadan And Eid

Sometimes I wonder if I didn’t have kids, would I still be decorating for Ramadan?   

I admit that some years I feel so overwhelmed, that decorating my house is the last thing I want to do. But I do it anyways because it makes my kids SO happy! And if I’m being honest, once I start the decorating, it actually becomes fun and I also get really into it. And that is exactly what is happening at my house this week, but somewhat slowly, because me and kids got sick. 

Ramadan is just a week away so I’ve pulled out all my decor, come up with a plan, and now I’m ready to decorate. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, or you bought 10000 things at a local Ramadan Market and now you have no clue where to put all this stuff, I’m here to share some tips with you! 


Ok, I know you don’t need to have a particular theme and color for Ramadan decor, but it does make life just a little bit easier and gives the final look a more cohesive, professional touch. If you bought that cute Ramadan banner in green, the twinkling star lanterns to hang from the ceiling in bright blue, star garland in purple, and decided to hang it all in one corner of your living room, it might look a little odd. Mixing colors is fine, you can even do a rainbow theme for your kids!  But for main areas make sure that you pick colors that compliment each other.

For Ramadan, I see teals, purples, dark blues, and oranges mixed together, and if you do it in a tasteful way, it gives off the vibe of a sunset. If you are mixing a lot of colors together, it helps if the item is the same, just in different colors, like the ornaments.  

A Ramadan theme doesn't always have to mean lanterns, gold, and green, although I love that combination! Pick a theme to suit your own style and one that goes with your home.  I personally love the rustic farmhouse or hygge themes for homes these days, so why not incorporate it into your decor?  

These days Ramadan is in the springtime, so I'm incorporating some bright colors and florals into my holiday decor.  

Pro-Tip - If you decide on a metallic theme, don't just limit yourself to only gold or silver, mix them up! I love the look of gold, silver, and rose gold together.  It makes the decor stand out and compliment each other.


This is the first thing people see when they visit your home.  Hang up a festive wreath and display some tasteful decor on your entryway table. 


We break our fast at sunset, go for prayers, meet family and friends all at nighttime. To me, Ramadan is a festival of lights.  Lanterns are one of the most common decor items used in Ramadan.  When in doubt, fill your house with lot of lights!  Use star or moon shaped lights to make it more festive.  

Make sure to not overuse a single electrical outlet, and always unplug before you turn in for the night.


If your mantle usually has decorations up, then remove it before putting up your holiday decor, otherwise it will look congested and scattered.  Hang up a banner with a star garland, and use lights to make it more inviting and cozy during the nighttime!



My kids are the reason I decorate my house, so why not decorate the areas they spend the most time in? Last year I decorated my girls' bedroom, and this year I did their play room.  Get the kids involved by letting them pick out a theme and the decor.  And let them help you put it all up!

My kids helped decorate the play room this year, and they have wanted to hang out in there since then. We used to have a teepee in the corner, but they've been wanting a bean bag chair, and I found the biggest I could so all 3 can use it at the same time.  And this bean bag has memory foam in it, so it's extra comfy and not noisy at all. This is their new reading corner, and we've made an agreement that every day my 8 year old will read a few lines from the Quran, and the 5 year old will finish a page of her Qaidah insha'Allah.  

The other side of the room has banners and garlands up, as well as a little prayer area for my kids.  


Kitchen is definitely the heart of a home. Even during Ramadan, I spend a lot of time in that area, feeding my kids, making iftar, and just generally hanging out. I love putting a few touches of holiday decor in there.



If you love DIY'ing everything, that's ok, but most of the decor available these days in the Muslim Market is so pretty and versatile.  Look for pieces you can use every Ramadan/Eid, or even decor you can leave up throughout the year - like these lights I'm using for the holidays, but will continue to use in my kids' bedrooms and play room throughout the year. This way you'll save a little money and the planet :) Our Lights, garlands, banners, balloons, and prints are all products you can use year after year, and majority of the decor in the Ramadan Box is all reusable! 



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  • Mona on

    Thank you for the awesome tips! Excited to use the crescent balloon I just purchased to match my metallic and teal color scheme.

  • Bea on

    Lovely points! I too wonder if I would decorate if I wasn’t a parent! I’m full swing in decor mode. Will try finishing up this weekend!

  • Bea on

    Lovely points! I too wonder if I would decorate if I wasn’t a parent! I’m full swing in decor mode. Will try finishing up this weekend!

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