Pompom Art

Quarantine Ramadan crafts are a necessity if you have little kids! Seriously. 

Try to be creative and use what you have on hand. If you don’t have much, I suggest Joann or Michaels curbside pickup! Stock up for your sanity! 

I had hundreds of pompoms, so that’s what I decided to use. Then my younger daughter changed her mind and decided to use glitter, which i had plenty of as well, Alhamdulillah! 

I bought a pack of canvases years ago from Michaels, so we used those. If you dont have any canvases, use regular paper. You can frame the artwork in shadow box frames or regular frames without the glass part. Or just tape them to the wall! This is your quarantine, spend it how you want! 

We made the art work in a few different ways. You can paint the background, or leave it blank. I used contact paper, carbon paper, and just regular tracing paper to trace the shapes onto the canvas. 

Print and cut out the shapes (I’ve attached some shapes at the bottom of this blogpost!) Line them up to where you want it on the canvas and trace lightly with a pencil. 

For contact paper, I traced the shape on it, then  you can use an exacto knife to cut it out, like in the picture above.  

If using pompoms, we found it best to put a drop of glue directly on the pompom and then stick it to the canvas. Using glue directly, then sticking it to the canvas made a lot of pompoms fall.

For glitter, smear the glue all over the shape and then pour glitter over it. 

Let dry, stand back, and enjoy your masterpieces. 



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