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Hajj Crafts & Activities Free Downloads

For the last few weeks, my kids have been learning about the importance and rituals of Hajj along with stories of Ibrahim AS and his family. As my kids grow, there are two things I've learned: (1) kids learn quicker and retain more through hands on activities that are fun, (2) repetition is important! 

Introducing the rituals of Hajj to them over and over again in different ways has really helped them get familiarized with Hajj. Usually for the last few years they did a Hajj simulation in school or at our local masjid. And while those are amazing and fun in their own way, I don't think my kids really got to learn a lot about Hajj through that. If anything, those simulations can be a little chaotic. But of course, another of many silver linings of this pandemic is that I got to do so many crafts with them about Hajj, and I think they know more about it now than they ever did alhamdulillah!

Besides these activities listed below, we've been listening/reading stories, watching youtube videos, and my girls (9 & 7) have made a complete Hajj scene for their dolls! They are putting the finishing touches of Aladdin and Prince Eric's Ihram, and they plan on doing a whole video of the rituals of Hajj with their dolls families :) Get creative, and see what works for your kids!

I've attached a few activities I've done with my kids so far to teach them about Hajj. You can print it at home and do these with your kids too!



1. Print out sheep cutouts

2. Cut the shapes

3. Trace the shapes on colored construction paper. White for body and hair. Black for face and legs. Pink for nose.

4. Cut out the construction paper shapes.

5. Glue all parts together.

You can find the sheep printables here, here, and here


HAJJ STEPS KIDS ACTIVITY: click on image, save and print

Kids Hajj Steps Learning Activity Free

HAJJ WORD SEARCH: click on image, save and print


Kids Word Search Hajj Free

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  • Amatullah on

    Assalamu alaykum sister, jzk for sharing this. Not sure why I can not see/click the images for the last 2 activities

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