How I'm Helping My Kids Become More Responsible And Independent With A Weekly Calendar

Have you ever found yourself asking your kids to do something multiple times, and then felt like a nag? It was beginning to annoy me that they didn't listen to me the first time. Plus the things I asked them to do were things they knew they had to do, like read everyday, but they wouldn't do it until I asked them to. That's when I came up with a weekly calendar for the kids. Instead of me asking them to do a simple chore or homework 3 times, I simply ask them if they've completed everything they need to for the day based on the weekly calendar. And I'm happy to say it's been working well for us so far!

Studies show it takes on average over 2 months to form a habit, sometimes a lot longer! We're on week 4 of this calendar, and although doing these things has not become a habit yet, they have gotten into the habit of checking the calendar every day and making sure they've crossed off everything.

I've only put stuff on this calendar that I want them to take charge of doing by themselves. Since they're still so young (8 & 6), the extra curricular activities go up on my calendar, because I'm responsible for taking them there, like swimming, martial arts, etc. This calendar only has basic things like chores and daily homework that should be a part of their every day home routine. 


They have the following things to do:

  • Quran
  • Arabic Reading
  • Urdu
  • Yoga
  • Cleaning/Chores
  • Homework
  • Seerah

For Seerah, Arabic Reading, Urdu, and science, they get help from either my husband or myself. But instead of us calling them, they come to us and tell us that they need to get this done. Seerah is basically Sunday school, except we break it down between Saturday and Sunday. Arabic reading helps build upon what they are already learning in their Quran class. Science is just once a week, and we have a book we learn from and then do an experiment at home. 

Doing chores around the house has been the biggest improvement from this calendar. They know what to do, and just do it! No whining, no asking 5 times, no tears! Big win!

Yoga - they simply grab the iPad, and following along Cosmic Yoga on Youtube. Takes about 15-20 minutes and they have a lot of fun. Even the toddler joins in :)

Homework - they both need to read weeknight for 20 minutes. They grab my kitchen timer and put it on themselves. Most days, they read over 20 minutes! My oldest has to do a math sheet for school every night, it only takes her about 5-10 minutes. The younger one only has to do math sheets twice a week. Typing is something they love, and their school usually has assignments/practice work kids can work on online. 

I made the calendar on canva in under 20 minutes and personalized it for them. One is obsessed with all things unicorns, the other likes balloons and cats, so they were excited to see those little details. And because I hate wasting paper, I laminated these to reuse them every week. We use the thin Expo white board markers. 

It's only been a month, but I've felt this calendar has helped my kids become a little more independent and responsible. I'm excited to see what continuous use of this will do for them inshaAllah!


Girls - Cat

Girls - Unicorn




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