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Islamic Geometric Sun Catcher

Crafts Decor DIY Kids Ramadan ramadan decor

Certain rooms in my home get a lot of natural sunlight, so I decided to make sun catchers, especially for the rooms that get used a lot by my kids. 



  • Cellophane paper is from Amazon, you can find it here
  • scissors
  • Cricut machine or Xacto knife
  • glue
  • black cardstock or any cardboard box
  • download the shapes at the end of this post to trace or use in Cricut design space 

If you don’t have a Cricut machine, print out the shapes below and trace them on cardstock paper. Use an xacto knife to cut out. For the lantern, I used an old cardboard box because it was too big to cut on a Cricut machine. 

if you do have a Cricut, you can simply download the images below and upload them into design space. Use 12x12” black cardstock.

Once cut, trace out the cellophane paper to fill in the shapes and cut. Use clear liquid glue or stick glue and stick to the back of each shape.

Hang on window using tape and enjoy!


 Shapes: I got these shapes from Canva Pro. They have a ton more ramadan and geometric graphics.



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