Ramadan and Eid Pipe Cleaner Crafts

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Getting kids involved in Ramadan preps and decorations is a great way to teach them about Ramadan. 

Pipe cleaners is the most underrated kids craft product! They are cheap, come in tons of different colors, and even come in glitter, and really gets your kids' imaginations going and the possibilities are endless!  We made some stars, moons, lanterns (my personal favorite to make), and a mosque shape.  


1. Usually using too many different colors makes projects look a bit messy. Try using 1-3 colors at most, to give it a more uniform, neat look. 

2. Make mini shapes and stick them on gift boxes and bags to give it a more personalized touch!

3. Hang your finished shapes off the mantle, ceiling, stick them to walls with lights around them.

4. String beads on them to make them even fancier!


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