Salt Dough Crafts for Ramadan and Eid

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Salt dough star garland


Every time I peruse Crafts on Pinterest around Christmas or valentines, I always see the cutest salt dough ornaments. I figured it was time to let my kids get in on this fun diy craft, but make it for Ramadan and Eid. I ended up making 3 batches of this dough, sometimes even without my kids, because it’s so easy, cheap, and fun! It would’ve been even cheaper, but the first time my kids and I made it I only had my fancy organic flour and pink salt on hand. But the next two times I used the cheap flour and salt, which yielded even better results because my dough was whiter and less coarse  

I bought the 8 pointed star cookie cutter from amazon. It also included a star and crescent moon, but I ended up using a larger star cookie cutter I already had on hand. And for the moon phases I used a circlular bowl. 

All in all, we ended up making a moon phases garland, a couple of star garlands, and the rest of the stars we used to make a good deed box for my kids to use during Ramadan (Starting now though!). The 8 pointed stars I used to make something special for myself - I’ve been trying to memorize the 99 names of Allah since last year but laziness and forgetfulness get the best of me. But this time i’m determined InshaAllah! I figured i’d start small so I made 20 names for now. 

Salt dough ornaments can last for decades, as long as they’re coated in paint or mod podge. So I plan on reusing the garlands and the names again for next year iA. I may alos have my kids start memorizing the names with me.  

Please share your own salt dough projects with us! The possibilities are endless! I have a ton of play dough cookie cutters so I made cars, teddy bears, hearts, etc from the extra dough we had left. All my kids loved them! 


  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 cup warm water

1. Mix flour and salt in a bowl.  My kids helped make it :)

2. Slowly add water and mix.  You may need more or less, so add a little, mix, and then see if you need more.

3. It should look something like this by the time you finish mixing in the water.  Take it out and knead

4. Knead until it looks smooth like this

5. Roll it out and cut the out shapes with a cookie cutter.  I made my shapes about a 1/4" thick.

6. Use a tiny straw to make holes for your string if you would like to hang the ornaments.  If you want to make the star garlands, make sure to put TWO holes in each star!

7. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper (reuse that parchment paper for when you paint or glitter your shapes!).  Bake at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for about 50 minutes, flipping it half way through.  If dough is still soft you may bake some more, or let it air dry overnight to harden.  I prefer to let it dry overnight.   


8. Paint and glitter as you like! I wrote on my star with a sharpie.  


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