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Salt Watercolor Art Craft

Salt watercolor craft kids masjid eid

This craft was tons of fun, and chances are you already have all the supplies on hand. My daughter had this craft saved on our Pinterest board for a while, and we finally got around to doing it. My 3 year old really liked this as well, and did such a good job following directions and painting!

We printed out shapes and also drew freehand. This is not good for very fine details or lines, because the glue spreads, especially after the salt is put on it. 

The best part about this technique is there is no need to let the glue dry before you can paint it. And that means no impatient kids asking you every 10 minutes if the glue is dry! 

Things needed:

  • Elmers glue in a squeezable bottle
  • Plain white salt
  • Watercolors
  • Paint brush
  • Thick cardstock paper

1. Start by drawing the design you like on the paper with the glue. You can also print it. I suggest using a very light colored font so the black, darker fonts don’t show under the watercolor and salt  

2. Sprinkle salt all over and take off excess

3. Using a watercolor brush, gently tap the salted areas with the color. The color will spread a little on the salted parts. 

4. Let dry and enjoy your masterpieces! 

You will most likely repeat steps 1-4. Even though we only planned on doing one painting per person, in the end we all made at least a couple different ones because it was so fun and easy to make! So fun, that my kids are making it again today! 

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