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Washi Tape Islamic Art

This little art project happened at 1am and turned out a lot more beautiful than I imagined! Quick, easy, spur of the moment crafts/DIYs are my absolute favorite.

I used this washi tape from my shop! You can print out the PDF design at the end of this post!

The dua of righteous children is considered to be sadqa jariya for parents. I make it a point to make dua for both of my parents everyday. InshaAllah I’m trying to instill the same in my children.

I thought the following Islamic quote is a beautiful reminder for both me and my children to make dua.

1. Print out the image below

2. Cut out the Islamic arch shape with scissors or xacto knife

3. Get a smaller piece of paper that covers the entire cut out image and trace the islamic arch shape

4. Cover the entire shape with the washi tape

5. Tape the washi taped page behind the cutout page

6. Done! Enjoy your masterpiece! 


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