About Me

Salaam! My name is Adeela and I am the founder of Star Paper Moon.   I'm originally from New Jersey, now residing in DFW with my husband and our 3 little ones.

As a mom, I try to go all out for Ramadan and Eid decor so I can make the holidays more exciting and memorable for my kids. I love decorating, throwing parties, and making art - which is why I started Star Paper Moon.  It has given me an outlet to do what I love, while offering quality products that I, and others like myself, can't readily find in North America.

The word mubarak is often used in place of the word "congratulations", but that is not what it translates as. Mubarak means blessed in Arabic.  That is why we say Ramadan Mubarak/Eid Mubarak, because those are blessed occasions.  But we also use the word mubarak for many other celebrations such as; weddings, graduations, new baby, new home, or even when someone gets a new job! 

I designed the mubarak product line to represent those communities who are often overlooked by most mainstream retailers in North America.  And the best thing about the mubarak products is its versatility.  You're not limited to using these products for only a single holiday; they can be used all year long, for any celebration!

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