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Ramadan Drum Black & White Pompoms
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Ramadan Drum Black & White Pompoms

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I love making new Ramadan and Eid traditions for my kids.  A couple of years ago we heard the story about the Ramadan Drummer.  Many cultures around the world have their own version of the drummer, but his purpose is always the same.  To wake up the people at Suhoor time so they can eat, pray, and start their fast.

You might not want to start this tradition with the kids are 4AM, but it would be so cute to start this at Iftar time! Name one kid that doesn't love banging on a drum?! It would be so cute to get this to do this to gather their family 15 minutes before Iftar time, and everyone can prepare for Iftar together!

Use this at Ramadan story time, and let the kids come up with songs and poems about Iftar time, about Ramadan, and anything else they love about Ramadan! 

Drum is 8" in diameter, comes with stick.

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